Week One: What is Postcolonialism?

This week we are investigating what postcolonialism means and doesn’t mean.  There are lots of terms this week, plus a bit of other reading.

It is really important to know where you stand when you want to discuss others, so you will spend some time explaining who you are:  for example, I am a white, cisgender, hetero, female of the upper middle class.  I need to know where I stand before I start talking about other folks.

Here is the work for this week.  I know we are all just getting our feet wet, so email me if you have any questions.


PCS (Post-Colonial Studies):  post-colonialism, po-co reading, po-co, state, po-co, body, colonialism, imperialism, neo-colo, independence, anti-colo, decolonization, place


Poco (Postcolonialisms):  Introduction, 1-12; Columbus, 18-24


Blog Post One:  Defining subject position (which you could do as a separate blog post on the “About” page of your blog if you would prefer) (http://www.massey.ac.nz/~alock/theory/subpos.htm), response to Adichie’s TED talk, response to the terms (what did you think poco meant/means; has that changed at all?)




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