Blogosphere and the Class

As I am reading your conversations, I would like to ask you to consider starting to do a few things:


  • Try to vary to whom you respond so all voices are met with conversation.  You should be following all student blogs and my blog.  Please check to ensure that you are following all of us.
  • Be sure to moderate your comments so that your peers’ voices are heard (and so that I can do the correct accounting of student work).  Because there may be a lag in responses coming up after I assess a blog post, I am going to ask that each of you keeps track of the number of responses you have done throughout the course of the semester.   If you notice a discrepancy on D2L, please let me know.
  • If you haven’t already, please start using direct quotes from the texts in your responses.  I like that some of you are adding a works cited.  Because we are using a common text, I will not require a works cited, though it is a good habit.
  • Blogging is bit of a different genre than many of you are used to, and I do think it is one wave of the future that academics must have an understanding of.  Please consider using paragraphing more generously (I am not saying cut your ideas–just offer more breaks for the readers’ eyes).
  • Also with blogging, the reader will be looking for images and links.  Start to play around a little bit in these next few weeks with making your blog more “bloggy.”  But keep up with the solid content.
  • It would help me if you would “like” my weekly posts just as a check-in so I know everyone has read it.  I don’t need you to really like it!
  • Try to mention all of the elements of the reading in your posts.

Keep up the great work!


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