TV Appearance, Round Two: What Grade Would You Give Donald Trump?

Reflections on Gender and Postcolonial Issues

17015246_1385968204776460_894156521_o S/O to Steph–current student–for taking screen shots!

Business Matters was kind enough to ask me back, this time to evaluate the first month of President Trump’s administration.

I brought my same concerns about representing gender studies, but at least this time I knew what to expect, knew that I would survive the taping.

This time I didn’t want to come off as a bully.  As the most formally educated person on the show, I try very hard to honor everyone’s experience and education.  But sometimes, I get caught up in wanting to make my point.  Instead of worrying about being shrill, I worried about being mean.

The “other side” of the panel was two businessmen.  I honestly wanted to hear what they are seeing that I am not:  how Trump will help their businesses.  I know this is a blindspot in my understanding.

But they missed their opportunity.  They immediately…

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