Final Assignment Information

I have had some questions about the final assignments for the class, so here is what I am looking for:

Most importantly, I would like you to leave the class with something useful to you in your life beyond May.  

For the teachers in the group, I imagine a well-thought out unit plan that would last several weeks and use one or more of the course texts will probably be of use and serve as a final project.  For the academics, a final paper that could serve as a conference paper or the beginnings of an article will be useful  (I’m thinking 10-15 pages).  I am also open to hearing other ideas for a final project.

If you are going to do a unit plan, I would like there to be two-page rationale that explains why teaching postcolonial texts is important.  Imagine that you have to make a pitch to your principal or school board to make the case for a new unit (you don’t even need to know what your unit would look like yet).  Explain to them what postcolonial texts are and give a theoretical framework for this kind of study in a secondary classroom.

If you are thinking about writing an academic paper for your final project, in your intro, pick several theoretical pieces to tangle with.  Summarize them.  Pull out their claims.  Respond to them.  Explain why you see them as useful.  What questions do they make you raise?

If you have questions, let me know.  You are welcome to schedule time with me during my office hours after break.  But you can also contact me over email.

I would love to know what you are thinking of doing.  Maybe you could leave me a paragraph comment to give me a sense of your direction?



  1. I definitely want to write a unit plan for my students. For Amanda’s class I ended up writing an academic piece and getting it published (woo!), but soon after wrote a unit plan on Indigenous people that was a major hit with my students. I want to know your thoughts though on doing something poco related for middle schoolers with low literacy levels. Do you feel it might benefit me more to attempt an essay?



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