Before we leave Africa behind, some thoughts

I do want to draw your attention to two interesting non-fiction-ish reads, “How Not To Write About Africa” and “How To Write About Africa.”  They both make me smile, and, of course, think.  And if you want to read something with a “happy ending,” I humbly submit to you Adichie’s short story “The Headstrong Historian” that continues the story line of Things Fall Apart.  I love this story.  I love the work it does.  The last three paragraphs are perhaps some of the most beautiful and uplifting sentences written.

The semester is starting to come to a close, so continue to think about your final projects.  I want them to be useful to you. Some of you have been in touch about final papers. I would like to hear from you if you want to talk through some ideas!

I want to return to South Africa.  I want all of you to want to go to there someday, or somewhere.  Africa isn’t just animals and sadness and poverty.  It is a place filled with humans with needs, desires, and ambition.  It is a place of beauty and art.  And good food and wine.  It is a place I hope to explore with Matt and Ev sooner than later.


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