Week 11: Thinking about film

This week we read a filmic text instead of a written text.  If you need some models of how to write about film for an online audience, I humbly submit to you my body of work on bitchflicks, and I suggest you even consider submitting your post to their site when you are finished.  They are great to work with!

Choose one of the following films to view on your own:

Bandit Queen

The Terrorist

Persepolis (only if you have never seen it)

Battle of Algiers



If there is a film you would like to watch that is not on this list, let me know the title and why you would like to work with it!

Blog Post Eleven:  Apply some element of po-co theory to the chosen film. This link might help you think about how to approach the blog post:  http://engl243.wordpress.com/2010/01/28/avatar-and-postcolonial-theory/

This week is a chance for you to spread your wings and start to engage with elements of poco that interest YOU!

If you need a nudge, watch this one.  It is genius.